• Melissa
  • May 13, 2013 3:33 pm

Taking the Pledge, Part II


Everyone is bursting with things to say about A Celebration of Women in Theatre: Miss Representation Screening! Here are just some of the comments that have been pouring in these past few days:


“Do you know how many good conversations you have started???”

a “gift of awareness”

“. . . a beautiful, rousing, warm-spirited evening that radiated positive energy all round!”

“I teared up quite a bit at the end of the film and was very uncomfortable and disturbed with anger and concern . . . As soon as I left, LITERALLY, I purchased the DVD on Amazon and . . . planning . . . a family screening. Thanks for teaching this man a bit more than he knew before 7:15pm tonight. I commit to being a better man towards and for all womankind.”

“the movie was very thought provoking”

“I gotta say, it only strengthened my resolve to avoid bullshit sexist ‘nudity required’ roles.”

“I’m feeling that inspiration that you felt upon viewing the film and then wanting to share it with everyone on the planet.”

“I’m passionate about giving women a more powerful voice in the theatre and the world!”

“I found myself getting angrier and angrier during the film.  I kept thinking about strides that we made in the 60s and 70s and realized that it was ‘steps’ that we made, not ‘strides.’  Thankfully Jennifer Newsom ended the film with encouragement and challenge to women to mentor and support each other.  If we don’t fight for each other, who will?”


This was a huge turning point for me and for a lot of people, all of whom have been answering Miss Representation’s call to action by taking the pledge to use their voices to challenge the media’s limiting portrayal of women and girls. I took the pledge a year and a half ago. If YOU haven’t done it yet, do it now.



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