What You Need




As a director on any project, I create an environment that supports and protects the work that the artists contribute to the process, so that everyone can take risks and grow that work to its full potential. More specifically:



Direct Full Productions


  • Define and oversee vision/concept with producers, writer and designers


  • Staff and collaborate with designers


  • Cast, stage and work with actors


Direct Staged Readings


  • Identify goals with writer


  • Prepare stage directions


  • Cast, stage and work with actors


Develop New Scripts


  • One-on-one with writer


  • Facilitate with actors


  • One-off script feedback/evaluations


Work With Actors


  • Monologue or scene work


  • Character studies


  • Trusting and expanding the work


Direct Special Projects & Events


  • Variety shows


  • Benefits


  • Screenplay readings